Our Services

KIEFER INVESTMENT SERVICES offers individualized and customized financial services. with a wide range of products; such as managed money accounts, brokerage accounts, IRA's or college 529 Plans, they help their clients achieve their financial goals. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF's are used to create customized investment portfolios. Life insurance, long-term care insurance and annuities are also discussed when needed.

Counseling and open communication are important to the process of aiding clients in identifying the risks present in any asset class or allocation. A client's account is monitored by the firm and reviewed on a periodic basis to help clients stay on track. Changes can be addressed as life events occur.

Once a client's goals have been established, KIEFER INVESTMENT SERVICES creates customized plans to suit a client's financial objectives. These objectives may include: a new job, entrepreneurship, financial security after divorce, retirement, college, financial security after death of a spouse, a wedding, a new child, a loss of a job